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DARK BLUE ''Jayne Wayne'' Review Season 2, Episode 6

The second season's sixth episode of DARK BLUE, Jayne Wayne was fraught with drugs, sexism and dullness. Watching it was like watching a glacier race a sprouting oak. It essentially saw Jamie going undercover as a drug addict to arrest a bunch of thieves who pose as DEA agents. The plot, as usual, never met its full potential.

TNT describes Ty and Dean's informant as loveable. If you find the pop-up ads on a Youtube video lovable, then yes, I suppose he was. Really, he was just an excuse to get Ty and Dean to do something. I wish the writers would take a page from Matthew Weiner or Vince Gilligan's book: when a character is not needed for a particular episode's plot, then leave them out. I don't need to see Ty and Dean chatting with some boy who sounds like a nerd but talks like some ghetto gang dude. I do not care.

Getting into Jamie and Carter's minds and exploring the relationship between the two, now that may have been more interesting. But it turns out, it was not. Their effort to explore sexism, whilst commendable, was utterly contrived. We have Alex who two episodes ago pulled Jamie off a case because she was afraid she would get hurt. Now she has reversed positions and is telling Carter to lay off and let Jamie stay undercover? And halfway into the second season, why is Carter suddenly so concerned for her fragile wellbeing?

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Sep 3, 2010 3:32AM EDT
what a ridiculous episode...............and just when is Alex leaving? She was better on Burn Notice.
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