'Big Brother 12' Recap: Enzo Wins, We Lose

The Brigade of Fools is running the Big Brother 12 house, which is great for them and bad for us. This week ran as predictably as clockwork. After Lane won the HoH, Ragan had to win the Power of Veto or he'd go home. He didn't win, which means Ragan was forced to live for several days in the house without hope and those of us who follow along at home were forced to endure one of the dullest weeks ever.

The PoV competition is the standard Otev challenge where the HGs need to find a CD that answers a very simple riddle and then run back up a slope. It's basically blind luck combined with physical strength, and as Ragan revealed on the live feeds but not on the episode, he knew this would be the competition and that he would have no chance at it. He also spent most of his time studying the faces for the morphing challenge, which he easily would've won.

He does surprisingly well, making the final round, but Enzo beats him and ruins any chance of real dramatic tension for the rest of the season. Even Lane putting up Hayden instead of Britney doesn't matter because Ragan still needs two votes (Britney and Enzo, Britney and Lane or Enzo and Lane) to stay. And that's not happening.

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