Recap: "I'll Be Down to Get You in a Taxi, Honey"

This week, Jerry takes on a pro bono case, defending a man arrested for running over his lawyer with a car. Jerry must rely on jury sympathy to get an acquittal. Elsewhere, in a rush to settle cases without bringing them to trial, Richard pleads out a man caught breaking into a medical lab, but he fails to find out the full story. Meanwhile, Bobbi's final divorce papers are ready, but "signed, sealed, delivered" isn't as sweet as it ought to be.

The episode begins with Jerry rushing through the courthouse after his briefcase strap broke, leaving him with piles of papers to hold. He arrives late to Judge Kessler's courtroom to discover a Mr. Ryan, who is being charged for assault and attempted murder. Kessler grills the man for showing up to his third arraignment sans a lawyer. Mr. Ryan explains that his wife died, he's supporting his daughter, and doesn't have the funds to pay for one, etc. Kessler refuses to assign him a lawyer because he has a steady income, so Jerry steps forward and offers to take the case pro bono.

The case gets assigned for one week later, so Jerry hurries to find out the facts. The defendant informs Jerry that he ran over Gordon Burke, a crook lawyer who kept his money after a settlement on a case where the defendant sued the Manhattan City Hospital for missing his wife Anne's ovarian cancer diagnosis. The money ($375,000) was supposed to be awarded to the defendant, but Burke sent Mr. Ryan a check for just $3,850. When Mr. Ryan asked for the rest, Burke gave him the runaround.

Mr. Ryan explained that he wanted to use the money to make his wife comfortable, get her a decent bed, and take care of her in her final months. When he received the $3,850 check, he figured it was a down payment of sorts. After months went by and Mr. Ryan watched the love of his life die, he still saw nothing else from the settlement. Mr. Ryan showed up at Burke's house, and Burke says he'd explain everything. Instead, he snuck out, and Mr .Ryan ran out the door and hopped in his car to follow him. Mr. Ryan gunned the car trying to cut him off, and ended up hitting Burke, who suffered serious injuries.

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