'Last Comic Standing' - 'Week 7' Recap

This week's show starts with these weird introductions where everyone says their name and where they're from again for some reason.

Roy Wood Jr. says his hometown of Birmingham's biggest export is season 2 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. Get it? Biggest! Ha!

They all make some kind of joke about their city except Myq Kaplan who just says, "I'm from Boston ... kind of?" Oh, right now he's that kid at Show & Tell who didn't understand the assignment.

Anyway, Jonathan Thymius is the first comic to move on to the next round and he looks genuinely surprised. It cuts to a backstory segment where he's explaining his business "Comedy-O-Gram" which seems like a joke but actually isn't. He's also got a hot wife who supports him. Get it, Thymius.

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