Lost: "The Package" Review Season 6, Episode 10

Jin and Sun-centric episodes, while not as disappointing as Kate's, have always been a little underwhelming. Surprisingly, the greatest strength of "The Package" is the Jin and Sun flash-sideways which reveals how Jin ended up bound and gagged in a restaurant with Martin Keamy and an angry Sayid. The island storyline has its moments but ultimately feels a little stagnant. Both Team Smokie and Jack's group are sitting around and waiting for something to happen which makes sense from a storyline perspective but doesn't make for great television. Still, there are a few key moments and one surprise reveal that make this another good episode of Lost.

The flash-sideways revealed a few surprises concerning Jin and Sun's alternate universe romance. The fact that they aren't married appears to have done wonders for their love life. However Jin, as was hinted at previously, is still involved in Mr. Paik's criminal activities. Despite there not being any major twist to speak of, this was one of the better flash-sideways that I've seen so far. Jin and Sun's relationship was a refreshing variation on what happened in the regular universe and their eventual run in with Martin Keamy and Mikhail Bakunin was filled with some great suspense.

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