The Hills: Jail-Free Stephanie Pratt Reaches Probation Deal

It looks like these reality stars can talk their way out of anything, or at least a DUI arrest. Stephanie Pratt, star of MTV's The Hills, reportedly managed to avoid getting behind bars by making a deal to go on probation instead. She certainly won't be donning that orange jumpsuit anytime soon.

According to E! Online, the 23-year-old reality celebrity had already reached an agreement with the district attorney regarding her Oct. 18 detainment. This occurred last year, after the birthday celebration of fellow Hills star Holly Montag in Hollywood.

During her trial last Thursday, she pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of exhibition of speeding at the time of the incident. She then swore to enroll in a three-month alcohol-treatment program, in addition to joining Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Following that is her promise to manage 36 months or three years of probation.

Her attorney, Jon Artz, said that the party was able to agree on the deal because there was no evidence of Stephanie Pratt actually driving drunk. They all believed that the resolution was indeed fair, as well as essential to the Hills star's recovery. Even she concurs that this result is the best choice.

"I'm happy about the outcome," Stephanie Pratt told the publication. "I enrolled in Betty Ford Clinic for two weeks right after my DUI arrest."

What's more, Artz said that his client has learned a "valuable lesson" from this whole occurrence. Combining drinking with driving should be far from the reality star's mind after this whole fiasco.

But even though she's under probation, the Hills star will return to her regular filming schedules for the upcoming season of the show. There will no doubt be more drama for the reality series, given the developments in the lives of these celebs.

Still, shooting for season 6 of The Hills begins this week. "I'm looking forward to getting back to work," Stephanie exclaimed.

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