V: "Welcome to the War" Review Episode 5

Warning: Full Spoilers for the episode follow.

I have to admit, I was nervous about this episode of V. I felt the series got off to an uneven but intriguing start last fall, but there were notable issues to work out - and knowing that the series had halted production and gone through some big changes behind the scenes had me prepared for a big mess.

Instead, I found a show that felt more confident than before and seems well on its way to becoming something really special. Which is to say, welcome back, V!

I'm loving how tough Erica is, both physically and mentally. The fight at the beginning of the episode certainly proved the former, as she not only struck the first blow (with an assist from a picture frame) against the Visitor attempting to kill her, but continued to fight hard against him, until she took him out. But what really was fun was her reaction to the Visitors waltzing in to the FBI, saying they could help find who was behind the explosion in the last episode. This was a very interesting turn of events, as first Erica understandably was panicking (on the inside that is), afraid she and her friends were about to be revealed as the culprits - then confusion when it turned out the Vs had fingered an unrelated guy, Kyle Hobbes. But what followed was what really had me digging Erica, as she decided that if the Vs wanted this known mercenary taken down, he must be dangerous to them, so who better to recruit for the Resistance? We still have yet to see Erica and Anna on screen, but this episode allowed for the two of them to play a little game of chess with one another, even without meeting.

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