'Jersey Shore' - 'Creepin'' Season 2, Episode 3

This week on the 'Jersey Shore,' the girls made peace with Angelina, the boys found a fade-worthy barbershop and everyone started work at the gelato shop.

As the drama mounted, so did the acronyms: IFF, GTL, MVP, DTF. There was a lot to take in. The sun came up after her post-club brawl with Pauly D and Mike, and Angelina's memory has been glamoured, 'True Blood' style. She doesn't recall slapping Pauly three times or telling him that she loves him.

Luckily the men fill us in on what's transpired in the best way they can: with foot idioms. Pauly "can't believe she would step on the only toes that she had in the house." Mike, meanwhile, takes pity on her plight for acceptance and decides to man up by putting his "best foot forward." This involves confronting the roommates about the giant trash bag in the room and begging the girls to make nice with her before she interferes with GTL.

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