24: "Day 8: 5:00 AM-6:00 AM" Review Season 8

So now we know the truth about Dana - time for her to get bad ass, right?! Except, not so much. At least not in this episode. Instead, we had Dana feeding info to Samir for the entire hour - for the most part, standing in the same room as all of CTU! Seriously, really guys? She's just standing there, sorta/kinda whispering to the leader of a terrorist cell, hoping no one standing a few feet away (including behind her, since she wasn't even really looking around) can overhear her? Okay then…

It seems Samir has surrounded himself with a bunch of half-ass terrorists. Dana doesn't seem too keen on the plan to set off the radiological device in New York, and nor does Tarin, who's supposed to set the thing off and kill himself in the process. Oh, and meanwhile, Samir himself is a spectacularly uninteresting villain. Now that we know this is 24's final season, everything matters a bit more, and Jack Bauer needs a more worthy opponent than this guy. Hopefully we'll get more of the usual villain swapping most seasons make use of.

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