Leverage: Season 2 Review

Leverage's second season of heists and hokum was a bit of a mixed bag. The great two-part Season 1 finale proved that this show works best when it throws in a bit of heavy-handed drama to counter-balance the frivolity. Nate's drinking arc and the revelations about his son's death worked extremely well when it was incorporated into the gang's usual blend of savant hijinks. Unfortunately, Season 2 wasn't able to match that level of intrigue at least not all the way through. There were a handful of standout episodes, including an excellent Season 2 finale, but mostly we were given a lot of ridiculous, cartoonish conjobs that actually worked against the grain of the show. Leverage has a great, fun chemistry between the cast and the "team" is always a joy to watch. But when the cons ultimately become sort of a "wing and a prayer" con that no mark or villain would ever fall for in a million years, then the show actually winds up wasting a lot of the dark humor that it's worked so hard to earn.

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