Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte" Review Season 3, Episode 3

Once Captain Awesome found out Chuck's secret at the end of last season, I'd been looking forward to an episode spotlighting the good Captain. This installment delivered just that, as Devon's job as a doctor intersected (ahem) with Chuck's latest mission.

As an Awesome guy, it was fun to see Devon idolizing Chuck's spy life, as he clearly was itching to be brought into it more and more, despite Chuck trying to keep him safe. But when Devon saved the life of Premier Allejandro Goya (Armand Assante) -- who then took a big liking to him -- he became Chuck and Sarah's ticket to stay close to Goya, who had been targeted for assassination.

While I have to admit, I am feeling the Chuck and Sarah Can't Be Together aspect of the show has been strained to its limit, it was fun hearing Devon's perspective on it, as he said that not having sex with Sarah this whole time, "Must be excruciating" for Chuck. Devon's overall enthusiasm for all things spy was also a great part of this episode, as he proclaimed, "I knew you guys had a secret base. This is bad ass!" after Chuck brought him into Castle.

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