Legend of the Seeker: "Resurrection" Review Season 2, Episode 7

The first Legend of the Seeker episode of the new year is a big improvement over the last few we were given, which is a relief. While the episode is overly packed, it is exciting and full of twists and turns as a familiar foe from season one, Denna, returns with a complicated scheme to take control of D'Hara. Unfortunately for Richard, the plan involves his death.

In season one, the introduction of the Mord'Sith and Denna (Jessica Marais) marked a turning point for the show, raising the bar and giving us a more emotional storyline than we had seen previously. This year, after a solid start to the second season, the last few episodes have floundered a bit, so hopefully Denna can work her magic again. If nothing else, just having her character present brings enough history with it to make her interactions with Richard, Kahlan and Cara interesting. The best moments in "Resurrection" are between Denna and Cara, whether it is when they are verbally sparring or in full-on combat.

The biggest frustration with "Resurrection" is that it tries to pack too much into one hour. The story begins with Richard and friends splitting up to track down both the rogue General Grix and the weapons that are poised to kill villages full of innocent people. Zedd gets a chance to use an impressive deafening spell as he and Kahlan follow the weapons. In fact, Zedd's spell is one of the more creative ways they have portrayed his use of magic, and the way they slow things down and muffle the sound for the audience effectively lets us experience part of what Zedd and Kahlan are going through.

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