Life Unexpected Episode 10 Review: "Family Therapized"

Tonight we had to break out the box of tissues!

We know that this will not be the last time Cate and Lux have a emotional breakthrough, but it was really great to see some headway between these two.

"Family Therapized" really nailed it on the head with the reason why Lux is so angry with Cate.

We know Lux gets a lot of slack for being so hard on Cate, but if you really put yourself in her (sixteen year old) shoes, how can you really blame her? Her whole life she has had to deal with being rejected by her mother and father. Only until she tries to get emancipated do they (because the court ordered it) step in.

On the other hand, Cate really hasn't had the easiest life and personal choices to deal with either.

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