THE CLOSER "Dead Man's Hand" Season 5 Episode 15 (Season Finale) - Early Review

I had an opportunity to watch an advanced copy of the season finale of THE CLOSER "Dead Man's Hand" Season 5 Episode 15 which airs tomorrow Monday December 21 at 9/8c on TNT.

This episode features guest star Mary McDonnell who reprises her role as Capt. Raydor and comes to Major Crimes to ask their help to solve a case of potential domestic abuse that involves one of her subordinates. After some friction, the case heats up as a shooting complicates things.

As season finale goes, this was not one of the best but there is something to be said in seeing Mary McDonell and Kyra Sedgwick go head to head during the "Dead Man's Hand" episode. These ladies are true master of their crafts and make you want to root for each of them to prevail (Although I always lean towards Major Crimes). It makes for some very enjoyable moments throughout the episode.

One thing that struck me was that for the first time, I see a real potential for a The Closer spin-off with Mary McDonell running internal affairs and busting down crooked cops. Hell I would so watch that show. There was a rumor in Sept 2008 of a potential Spin off that would be called "The Fixer". I think that it is close to come to light and I suspect that they will go with my idea. (Yes I said it, it's my idea and I expect full credits).

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