'24' Spoiler Alert: A Return to Extremes--And To Family?

Three more hours to go, and 24 wraps up for yet another day. And while I still don't have any idea how things will exactly go within those three episodes--yeah, imminent attack, chasing after someone, yeah, yeah, that's a given--at least we've laid our hands on some specifics, and some ideas, for the remaining episodes this season, and possibly the fate of the next season as well. As always, it's sourced from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello.

Okay. First up, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) will go face to face with Tony (Carlos Bernard) once again in the episode coming this Monday. Of course, the official press release from Fox wouldn't hit at anything--it only points to Jack facing an "unimaginable situation", and perhaps rightly so. The word is, the scene between the two will be brutal--very brutal. Perhaps a return to the torture tactics that's questioned at the very beginning of the season?

The next thing is the involvement of Jack's daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert). I honestly thought we'd see the last of her a few episodes back, when she showed up and asked her dad to get the stem cell treatment after he was infected with that pathogen. The last thing we know, she was heading back home, calling her husband, and us getting a glimpse of her kid. On Monday's episode, she will be returning--of course, she's still in transit--and she'll get entangled in the mess that's building up. That, according to Ausiello, will form a major part of the two-hour finale, which airs on May 18.

It also looks like Kim will be staying for the eighth season. There's word that the producers are looking to cast a 6-year-old to play Kim's daughter in the coming season. Word is, the character will appear in a multi-episode arc, so it's also possible that Jack's granddaughter is just paying him a visit in New York. But, as we've all learned while watching 24, nothing's always certain.

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