"When the Levee Breaks" Recap

THEN: Dean was grossed out by seeing Sam feed on demon blood, so he tricked him into Uncle Bobby's panic room and locked him in for some detox.

NOW: There's no typical Supernatural teaser as Sam is still stuck in the panic room. He demands that Dean let him out, but big brother refuses. They revisit the same old debate about how Sam is doing this in order to become strong enough to kill Lilith. Dean thinks he and Bobby can do it on their own. Has Dean ever met Lilith? If he has, he'd know that's just not a possibility.

While detoxing, Sam is visited by four hallucinations. The first is Alastair, who is just as creepy and funny as always, even in Sam's delusion, cutting into the boy and making Sam scream out in pain.

Upstairs, Dean and Bobby enjoy some whiskey to drown out the pain of hearing Sam's screams. A fellow hunter named Rufus calls and Bobby tells him to "suck dirt." Uncle Bobby certainly has a way with words. Rufus calls back to let Bobby know it's serious. Seals are being broken at an alarming rate, and Bobby isn't so sure detoxing Sam is the right decision with the apocalypse coming fast.

Dean has some questions of his own, so he goes outside to scream for Castiel. After a few hours, Cas shows up and Dean wants to know what happened when he got called back up to Heaven for an ":ass reaming." Cas can't say, but he does believe that Dean is the one who will stop Lucifer, not Sam, so he has Dean accept Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior.

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