America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 6: "Dance with Me" - Recap

Nine girls remain as the competition gets harder and harder each week. Who will fall short (no pun intended) and have to flee the Top Model house? Read on to find out.

The girls get a Tyra mail that says, "Now that you have learned to smize, let's see what you can do without your eyes." This sounds quite odd, especially since Tyra put on a costume and pranced around preaching about how important your eyes are. What would Tyra's alter ego Super Smize say about this?

The girls end up in a dance studio where Benny Ninja is waiting to teach them about dancing and using their bodies to express emotion. He brings along Lil' Mama - for what reason, I am not sure. Then, he makes the girls take turns dancing while trying to express emotions. Nicole's dance is laughable, and it almost makes you feel bad for her. The girl CANNOT move. Then Lil' Mama brings out dancers in masks to show them how it's done. They are fierce, yet sort of scary - I don't like people in masks (Halloween, hello?!).

This little lesson comes with a challenge. The girls are put on a mission: Create a dance in one hour that shows the emotions happy, sad, and angry. They are grouped up and sent off to practice, and they better practice hard because the winning group gets $17,000 in jewelry.

Jennifer, Kara, and Rae did really well. They worked together and their movements seemed to express the right emotions. Sundai, Laura, and Brittany did a decent job, although it wasn't anything special. Ashley, Nicole, and Erin may have missed the point because they acted out scenes. While their scenes showed the emotions, there was little to no dancing involved, and Benny Ninja was confused.

Needless to say Jennifer, Kara, and Rae were selected as the winners. They deserved it, don't you think? Ashley, the dancer of the group, was really bummed she didn't win the challenge. She proceeds to let all the other girls know how disappointed she is, and then calls her mom who gives her a supportive spiel. Things aren't looking too good for Miss Ashley, who as you remember, was in the bottom two last week. But will Tyra really boot the girl she handpicked from her Tyra Show audience?

Back at the house, Jay comes on the TV inviting the girls to fly to Las Vegas. The girls go to the Cirque du Soleil and basically get their own private mini-show. But oh look, it's none other than Jay on stage with the acrobats. The girls are sent to hair and make-up immediately, as their shoot is Cirque du Soleil-themed. They will be posing in groups of three alongside many acrobats.

During the shoot, Rae, Brittany, and Jennifer pose well together, but Jennifer gets criticized pretty hard. Erin, Sundai, and Nicole look good too, but Nicole is called out for "not bringing it." Ashley, Kara, Laura aren't bad either, but later on, Kara worries that Jay was just not into it.

So, how did this shoot actually turn out on film? Tyra says Jennifer brought the picture down. Some of the shots they showed from the roll made me LOL - no really, I laughed out loud. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was in pain. Laura looks like Gisele; her pose is fabulous and she looks like a true top model. Ashley looks bored and there is nothing special in the shot. Sundai was the strongest, not in the particular picture they chose, but in the roll. I loved Jai's little skit imitating Sundai by piling on the accessories. I thought she looked cute, though!

Best photo this week is a group photo: Brittany, Rae, and Jennifer. Poor Jennifer, she has to look at that all week. The bottom two comes down to Kara and Ashley. I am a fan of neither. After much ado, Tyra calls Kara's name, and Ashley is sent home.

I agree with the judge's choice. Ashley definitely wasn't the strongest for the past few weeks. Some of the other girls are going to have to step up their game. Do you think Tyra made the right choice eliminating Ashley? Who do you think needs to shape up before they're shipped out next week?


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