Recap Kyle XY: Season 2, Episode 2 - The Homecoming

At the Trager's household, Kyle returns and the Tragers welcomes him back. But Brian Taylor knocks at the Trager's house claiming to be the Peterson's attorney and he reveals to Nicole and Stephen about the car accident which the Petersons. Taylor then acknowledges them that the Petersons had named Nicole and Stephen as Kyle's guardian. He then leaves the Tragers to decide wether to take back Kyle.

Meanwhile, experiment XX is seen wandering around the woods near the Zzyzx labs. She then encounters a man camping who tries to attack her. But XX who is faster and stronger only kills the man instead. At another location, revealed to be a company called Madacorp, a man is alerted about 781228 then calls for a woman who is later known as Emily Hollander. She is given an assignment to retrieve a female experiment made from an artificial womb named XX.

XX is later seen walking through a park where interacts with all the different people. She then senses and notices a boy who just happens to be Kyle.

Kyle then runs to the an old warehouse where he meets up with Foss. Later, he meets up with Josh and Lori at the Rack and overhears them talking and wishing that Kyle is still the Kyle they knew. He then interrupts and they chat for a while until he sees Amanda enter the Rack. Kyle walks and greets her and they reunite.

Hollander eventually finds XX in a shipping container and shoots her with a tranquilizer. After doing so, she calls Ballantine to inform him that she has captured XX and also to show the drawings she had done. Ballantine is then startled with a large drawing of Kyle, experiment XY, who he believed to have been terminated.

Back at the Trager's household, the Tragers family discuss Kyle and if they were to accept him back as a part of their family. Meanwhile, in Kyle's room, he and Taylor chat about the lies they would have to tell the Tragers. Before leaving, Brian gives Kyle a package Adam was to give him. Inside is a ring but Taylor could not explain what it meant.

Soon after, Stephen and Nicole talk to Kyle. They tell him that they were going to sign the custody papers so that Kyle would be back in the family. The Tragers then begin eating dinner before Josh comments that Kyle has been "too normal". To make him happy, Kyle "predicts" a phone call and it comes true. Convinced that he is back to normal, Josh becomes content. Before the episode ends, the camera shows Kyle's cell phone calling home.

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