The Office: "Shareholder's Meeting" Season 6, Episode 11 - Review

"Shareholder's Meeting" sees Michael Scott unknowingly thrown into the lion's den when he's asked to accompany Dunder Mifflin's board of directors on stage as they address a convention hall full of outraged shareholders. This being Michael Scott we're talking about, he of course makes the situation a whole lot worse for the board when he riles up the crowd and promises that the head honchos will come back from a fifteen-minute break with a specific, "45 Days, 45 Point" plan to fix all the company's financial woes.

What makes this comedic set-up work so fantastically is the fact that Michael isn't the biggest moron in the room, which he eloquently states towards the episode's end when he points out that his branch is the only one turning a profit (and that he's won 17 Dundies, but that's beside the point). The board - its cocky congressman, David Wallace and every other suit in the room - deserve every headache Michael gives them. This is the first episode in a while that had me not only laughing, but cheering.

Besides its timeliness and relevance, "Shareholder's Meeting" had a ton of big laughs as well. The interplay between Michael and the aforementioned congressman was hilarious, with Michael initially calling him "Your Evidence" in confused reverence and the Senator eventually asking David Wallace if "this moron has an off button." And like so many great episodes that play Michael as a fish out of water, his presence on the dais serves as the proverbially ticking time bomb, and when it eventually goes off with Michael unwittingly revealing the board's lavish spending on transportation and comfort to the shareholders, the uncomfortable laughs were huge. I was reeling during Michael's extended curtain call as the room cheered his false promises and the board looked on in horror.

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