America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 9: "Let's Go Surfing" - Recap

Rae's Top Model dreams were shattered last week, and the six remaining girls go to Hawaii. Who will make it to the top 5? Let's find out.

The girls return to their place to find it quarantined, as Tyra deems it the most disgusting Top Model house ever. The house is "condemned" and Tyra tells the girls they can't live there anymore. Who cares though, because they're moving to Hawaii - into a GORGEOUS new house.

Sofia Beschen and Buzzy Kerbox teach the girls about surfing as a way to help their modeling. They practice standing on surf boards, and Jay informs them they will be partaking in a challenge. They will have one try on one single wave to pose and be photographed. The girls all struggle, but Brittany and Erin seem to do the best. Erin wins this challenge and is treated to a tour of Hawaii via helicopter with Brittany and Nicole. Erin complains that she wishes she received a tangible prize.

The next morning the girls arrive to the sugarcane plantations to find out that Ms. Tyra herself will be photographing them. They will be transformed by hair and makeup into biracial ethnicities different than their own.

Erin struggles to bring Tibbet/Egypt to her picture. Laura is Greek/Mexican and struggles as well. Nicole is Japanese/Malagasy, and does very well - she is totally smizing. Jennifer is Botswana/Polynesian, and called "a mess" by Tyra. Brittany is East Indian/Native American and struggles with making the shoot high fashion. Sundai is Moroccan/Russian, and she surprises Jay with how well she does.

The girls look pretty in Hawaiian-inspired clothing at judging. Kirsty Hume is this week's guest.

Jennifer's best shot is pretty good, but it doesn't really seem model-ish. Laura's shot looks somewhat odd - it looks like her legs are broken. Erin looks good, but I'm starting to really dislike her. Brittany is overwhelmed by her costume and Sundai lacks variety in her shots. Nicole's shot is very high-fashion.

The judges deliberate. They do not see a model in Brittany or Rae, at least in the pictures from this week. They see Erin's insecurities, and also how bad Nicole wants to win.

Nicole wins best photo, and the bottom two comes down to Brittany and Erin. Brittany's photos are becoming formulaic and Erin is becoming self-sabotaging. Tyra sends Brittany home, and tells Erin she needs to stop her crazy behavior.

I feel genuinely bad for Brittany. Erin's personality is really disturbing, and it's sad to see her continue on when she is so obnoxious.

Do you agree with Brittany's dismissal? Who do you think is next to get the boot?

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