FlashForward: Preview of Episode 11: "Revelation Zero"

The three-month hiatus is over and FlashForward is returning tonight! With a two-hour premiere airing straight ahead, we're foretelling the greatness that is to come. Aside from the multitude of guest stars (like James Callis of Battlestar Galactica, thank god) "Revelation Zero" is bringing fans crazy surprises and twists that it's hardly believable.

The action-packed drama continues on FlashForward as agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) deals with his FBI suspension, Demetri hunts down Lloyd, and Janis discovers secrets about Simon's family. Oh, and we'll get to find out who Suspect Zero is too.

On "Revelation Zero," Mark is sent to a Bureau-appointed therapist to set things straight. He's supposed to undergo several sessions so he can reclaim his badge, but he's far too busy worrying about his partner's whereabouts to concentrate.

Demetri (John Cho) is assigned to team up with CIA Agent Vogel (Michael Ealy) in order to search for Lloyd. The two reluctantly carry on the job, hoping to find clues into the disappearance of the scientist. But Mark decides to step in as well and conduct his own investigation regarding the missing man, even though his hatred of Lloyd (Jack Davenport) is in the way.

Meanwhile, Simon (Dominic Monaghan) continues his own work on the case and tries to hack into a computer for evidence. Janis (Christine Woods) is told to accompany him, causing her to find out about the genius' family.

Also on "Revelation Zero," Nicole (Peyton List) meets up with a man who was transformed during the blackout. She tries to find some answers regarding her faith, as well as for her own horrifying flashforward.

Below is the promo for the return of FlashForward, in which we see glimpses of what's to come on the second half of this season. Even though the audience numbers seem to be dwindling for the show, ABC certainly has faith that it'll come through soon enough. Watching the trailer, we can see why.

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