MAD MEN ''Waldorf Stories'' Review Season 4, Episode 6

This week’s episode of MAD MEN found Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce up for a Clio award, a flashback as to how Don and Roger met, and entire days lost to Don’s drinking. Business as usual, right?

The first scene shows an eager young lad wanting to enter into the ad business. Unfortunately his portfolio only has five original items and all with tag lines stemming from “cure for the common [insert product here].” Fortunately, he is related to Roger’s cousin which gets him the initial interview and, in the end, a job much to Peggy’s disappointment. It doesn’t hurt that in a moment of drunken laziness, Don uses the poor kid’s “cure for the common” slogan to win over the Life cereal people. I am not sure I can talk about Don at all this episode without using the word “drunk” in some form of an adjective. It really is the center of his story this week.

The agency is up for a Clio award and although the entire office is excited, Don seems rather blase about it. Particularly excited is Peggy who came up with the Glow Coat ad idea. Her excitement quickly evaporates when she realizes that she will not be attending the awards despite her hard work on the ad campaign. Furthering her disappointment is the fact that Joan gets to attend even though there were only four tickets. Also contributing to Peggy’s dour mood is the fact that she is being forced to work with Stan on the Vicks ad and neither of them can see eye to eye. In a moment of drunken clarity, Don forces Peggy and Stan to work together in a hotel room all weekend until they come up with someone. Taking inspiration from Stan’s muses, Peggy manages to make Stan uncomfortable enough to let her take free reign.

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Sep 1, 2010 5:15PM EDT

Did or didn't Sterling hire Don? Was it a drunk hire like Don's druck pitch or did Don just use the opertunity that Sterling was drunk out of his mind when he put him in the cap years ago??
To cute was the hand-holding under the table at the Clio's.
And not to forget, I love Peggy! She is fearless!

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