LEVERAGE ''The King George Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 12

Nate and company head to London to take down one of Moreau’s top lieutenants by stealing an auction in the “King George Job” episode of LEVERAGE. The team is at Logan Airport, watching Keller because they know he is moving stolen goods. Unfortunately, it’s a child, not Logan who is caught with the merchandise, so the team heads to London to take down the operation and hopefully get another step closer to Moreau. In London, they try a simple auction scam, but Keller is on to them, so Sophie swoops in and offers Keller a lost barony via the diary of King George III’s mistress. He initially bites, but after the auction where he buys Hardison’s masterpiece forgery opts to cut Sophie out of the deal. Instead he’s arrested by Scotland Yard for possession of stolen antiquities the team planted on him and Hardison traces the money Keller used at the auction back to a shell company and federally protected hockey player that seem to have promising connections to Moreau.

We learn that the team is four months into their six month deadline to nab Moreau and this is the first time they’ve had an opportunity to get anywhere near him. Talk about cutting it close. While I wish more Moreau threads had been woven into the season, we get some good build-up to what should be the final confrontation next week.

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