PERSONS UNKNOWN ''And Then There Was One'' Review

So episode 11 was skipped by NBC and aired only online which leads us straight to episode twelve called “And Then There Was One” of PERSONS UNKNOWN.

Ulrich is obsessed with Janet, which is really unconvincing, as Janet has the charisma of a broken computer. Joe finds him sniffing over her body and threatens him. Ulrich is given one more opportunity to “preserve his role” before the town is destroyed. The others come to realize the town is deserted. Erika goes psycho when she sees six body bags-meaning only one person will get out alive.

Janet goes to Ulrich, who tells her that they’ll all kill each other except the one survivor. So essentially Persons Unknown like the first ten minutes of Azumi, except so not as cool and far less interesting.

Ulrich and Janet have a romantic moment. I could barf. I almost do when there is a really nauseating scene between Joe and Janet. I have no idea what they said as the camera swivelled around and around I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my sockets.

There is no energy in this show. Not one of the actors has a spark of excitement in their eyes.

In Chinatown in Iowa, Renbe and Kat are being as dull as usual, with Renbe sporting a beard. They meet a man and head to company headquarters and are detained (unfortunately without lethal force) for acting insane. And they do act like lunatics.

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