Psych Episode Recap: "Romeo and Juliet and Juliet" Season 5, Episode 1

hawn and Gus are back! With Ninjas! And...Ken? Join me for a fun beginning to the fifth season of USA's Psych.

My favorite part of summer has arrived: Psych has returned! I can't include every hilarious line from this episode - there are just too many - but I will do my best.

1990: Shawn and Gus face off against school bullies. Gus knows Kung Fu, but my guess is the bullies know the art of fist to face. Also, they probably don't have a cat named Mrs. Pickles. Intimidating, Gus is not.

Present Day: Shawn and Gus are playing a game of "not it" over who will fire their Asian office assistant, Ken. I swear his ethnicity is important. Ultimately, they play to their strengths and tackle the lay-off together. Ken's confused - he was only hired four days ago so how can business have already slowed down? It turns out Shawn, despite Gus' nay-saying, believed his father Henry's new position at the police station would lead to a heavier case load for the Dynamic Duo. He was, of course, wrong in his assumption.

At said police station, Juliet's name plate is overturned on her desk and Henry is settling into his own space near Detective Lassiter. Lassie is fine with the station's newest member as long as he doesn't have to follow Henry's orders.

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