Heroes: Lisa Lackey Shares Her Thoughts on Janice Parkman

Ever since super-powered baby Matt Jr. surfaced on Heroes, fans have been contemplating on the possibility that Matt Parkman's estranged wife, Janice, has powers too. It's not impossible in the world of Heroes but as of shooting the fourth season's fourth episode, no powers have emerged, according to Janice's portrayer Lisa Lackey. But even if her character doesn't have a special ability, Lackey believes that Janice will continue to play an important role on the show because she helps keep the powerful ones in touch with reality.

[During the last two seasons, the characters "got kind of carried away with the powers and the bad guys," Lackey told TV.com. But characters like Janice Parkman bring them back to earth. "My character is trying to be as supporting and as loving as she can," she added.

Heroes writers probably realized that characters without powers may have been the show's missing element over the last two seasons. Thus, Janice resurfaced and it seems like she's getting more airtime when the show returns for its fourth season.

"I'm hoping that Janice will possibly have a storyline of her own that is really interesting, and which shows a lot of character and strength on her behalf," Lackey said.

Matt's ex hasn't exactly been the most liked character on Heroes, seeing that she blamed their marital problems over his jealousy of her prospering career while she had an affair with Matt's ex-partner. And after Matt told Janice of his ability to read minds, she didn't give him the support ---leading to the couple's divorce. Perhaps this time around, viewers will get to know Janice a little bit better.

Heroes' Redemption Volume is set to premiere with a two-hour episode on Monday, September 21, on NBC.

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