Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4, Episode 17 - Retrospect

Seven of Nine is overcome by distress and under hypnosis recalls a traumatic repressed memory. In her mind she sees a trader with whom Voyager made a transaction recently. She remembers him forcefully removing Borg technology from her body. In essence, Seven was saying that she was violated by said trader. Voyager heads back to confront the trader, who denies ever having assaulted Seven. Evidence mounts against him and his people put out a warrant for his arrest. He flees, still proclaiming his innocence.

Captain Janeway and Tuvok continue investigating the alleged assault, and find that it is likely the evidence has been misinterpreted and Seven is reliving a memory from her time with the Borg, in which parts were applied to and removed from her routinely. Seven realizes they are correct and she has experienced a false memory. When the Voyager crew follows the trader to explain that they know he is innocent, he panics and blows himself up. Seven learns a bit more about being human by experiencing remorse, and The Doctor also agonizes over the result of his hypnosis of Seven.

Source: Wikipedia

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