Pushing Daisies Rundown: Episode 12, "Water and Power"

This week's episode of Pushing Daisies - well, really the whole series, but this episode in particular - is about the silly things we do for love. In this installment, it's level-headed, eye-rolling Emerson who falls head over heels into stupidity when a case leads him to his daughter's mother. Olive, meanwhile, makes some questionable relationship decisions of her own about how to proceed with Randy Mann. To chat about this episode, read more.

Love really must be a powerful thing if even Emerson Cod can fall victim to it. Beneath that hardened exterior, Emerson's been a fool for beautiful and mysterious women ever since he willingly got himself in trouble as a child just so he could sit in the office of his lovely principal. More recently, there was Lila, of whom he probably should have been suspicious from the start considering she met him in the middle of a con job. She was supposed to steal the "dam ruby" but ended up with Emerson's heart instead - and, eventually, his Penny. She comes back into Emerson's life in this episode as a suspect once more, this time not just as a thief but as a murderer of the dam ruby's owner. What I loved about this story is how the whole crew gets involved: Chuck, Ned, Olive, and even Randy Mann turn out to help Emerson, who they fear is blinded by "Lilaberry juice." And in many ways, the hero of the whole operation turns out to be Simone, who pulls Emerson away from a rushing flood just in time to save his life and the ruby. For a moment, Emerson even looks redeemed: the killer isn't Lila after all.

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