Review: Aqua Teen Hunger Force - A PE Christmas (season premiere)

Those words, spoken by Master Shake, while recording his Christmas album with Meatwad, were intended to be a jab at consumers -- our Christmas album sucks but you won't figure that out until we have your money. On the contrary, the album (aptly titled "Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas") is an absolute goldmine of comical music hits for fans of the show.

However, last night's companion episode was anything but that. Paling in comparison to classic ATHF X-mas fare (like "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future"), "A PE Christmas" could have truly captilized on the idea of Shake making Christmas music, but instead never took the idea far enough.

When I first heard about this episode, my mind raced frantically as to what they might do and in my wildest dreams I prayed for a complete "We Are the World" rip-off, chock full of Aqua Teen enemies lined up as back up singers -- a group not assembled since "The Last One."

Instead, we got nothing more than a few minutes of Shake free-styling and the only actual album performance came from Meatwad belting his surprisingly enjoyable rendition of "Silent Night."

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