The Closer Creator James Duff: "Change"

Welcome back to Season 5 of TNT's The Closer, starring my friend, my collaborator and my partner-in-crime, the always amazing Kyra Sedgwick. Also back...

Ah, well, that would give away some mysteries prematurely. Regular viewers might recall that Irene Daniels and David Gabriel both applied for the same promotion to the Criminal Intelligence Division of the LAPD. One of them succeeded; one of them stayed in Major Crimes. Who did what will become immediately obvious, but we will not remark on this during our premiere. Fallout will ensue in succeeding episodes.

Meanwhile, there is a mystery to solve. A family of four is shot to death during breakfast while the father, rather conveniently, was at work. Did he just miss being a victim himself? Or did he have a secret?

Speaking of secrets, Lt. Provenza has a personal meltdown at work (though he doesn't offer much in the way of explanation), a detective from LAPD's Narcotics Division doesn't want to reveal what connects his case to Brenda's murders, and what's up with Kitty? Is she pregnant again? Or is it something worse?

Finally, chocolate has always been extremely important to Brenda, but never more than in this episode. This time, however, she's not eating it.

This will be a difficult year for Brenda. She will face kidnappers, Internal Affairs investigations, two patrol officers shot to death in their black-and-white, a niece who's dangerously out of control and an El Paso homicide detective hunting a serial killer. Plus, Provenza falls in love. Pope falls for an imposter. And Tao almost falls for a false confession. Or did he? We'll discuss these stories at length as they approach.

This is the place in the blog where I usually detail what we've all been doing while off the air.

Not this year.

During our country's gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression - which has, in one way or another, touched us all - it seems oddly out of place to report on our personal lives except to say we are all very grateful to be picked up for another two years, and hope to use that time entertaining and diverting our audience from the ever more difficult mysteries of everyday life.

Thanks for inviting us into your homes every Monday night of the summer, and may September bring us and our country better news and better opportunities. And good wishes, too, from my partners, Mike Robin, Greer Shephard, Rick Wallace, Andy Sacks and all the cast and crew of The Closer, who (more than ever) feel lucky to be a small part of your lives.

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