Do you want Addison and Sam to hook up on Private Practice?

Private Practice continues to get better and better, although I like the more lighthearted stories better than the heavier stories like Violet's baby trauma this season. I'm actually more geeked about a few tiny scenes that occurred in the past few episodes.

The series started out in 2007 with Addison moving into her new beachfront pad and dancing naked around the house. It turns out that co-worker Sam lived in the house right next door and saw her naked through the window. Of course, Addison was mortified, but it set off a little undercurrent of sexual tension that's been sort of lingering there since that first episode. Both have had other love interests, though, including Sam with ex-wife and Addison's best friend Naomi.

This season, however, Sam and Addison have gotten closer. During a hiking trip, they encountered a car crash and had to work together to rescue the victims. Then when Addison's dad (and subsequently, mom) came for a visit, she turned to Sam for comfort. The two kissed, and while Sam said, "You are no Naomi," and Addison said, "You're no Derek," I would agree -- because these two have way more sparks with each other than with their former partners! On the other hand, maybe they were saying that on a more positive note, as in, "You are no Naomi - you're way better!"

What do you think? Do you want Addison and Sam to hook up? Here's the video of the kiss.

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