Review: Dollhouse - A Love Supreme Season 2, Episode 8

We get double the guest stars in this episode with both Alan Tudyk returning as Alpha and Patton Oswalt returning as Joey Miner. Did anybody else notice that Alpha seemed to be acting just like the Joker, particularly with the mismatched purple ensemble? I'm referring more to the Heath Ledger version than the Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero versions.

Patton Oswalt is a returning guest and a former engagement of Echo's, but were the others, as well? I suspect so. I think the one that got blown up real good was the motorcycle rider from the pilot episode. I think. It was interesting how one person became so addicted to the Dollhouse that he blew all his money on it. This is your brain on Dollhouse.

Tonight we had more of the chess match between Adelle and her establishment and the resistance in the form of Ballard, Langton and Echo. Despite Topher's genius, he's still pretty rational. It took a monstrous mind like Alpha's to conceive of truly evil ways of using the imprint technology. Topher's technology even became obsolete. "Now I know how old people feel ... and Blockbuster."

Of course, it is implied that using the imprint technology as it currently stands involves having some sort of implants placed in your body. With Topher's idea, no implants are needed. People's memories can be erased and replaced at will from anywhere.

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