UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Liberian Candidate'' Review Episode 7

Episode 7 of UNNATURAL HISTORY finds Henry reunited with an old friend Tamba, son of a Presidential candidate from Liberia visiting the Smithson museum. In “Liberian Candidate”, Henry uncovers a plot to assassinate the president, something weird is going on with his ‘brother’ Tamba and Jasper saves Henry’s life with a mancala.

If you are a fan of Unnatural History, and you want to introduce others to the show, this would be the episode to show them. It was a perfect blend of mystery, comedy, drama, action and knowledge… with perhaps a sprinkle of romance between Maggie and Tamba (‘bowling’, yeah…) Between explorations into parental separation, a brief history of blood diamonds and slavery and pistachio nut cleaning solvent, who could ask for more?

The opening, with our favorite trio exploring the Division of Unknown and Obscure Miscellanea, was absolutely hilarious. From Henry tasting fake blood and determining it is not human (“Please never tell me how you know that,” Maggie says with a priceless look of disgust) to his heroic rescue of a damsel in faux-distress, to Dean Bartlett taking it upon himself to punish the heroes by sending them out on football tryout, where Henry and Jasper must endure the harsh Stalin-esque drills of coach Maggie (this was so not a punishment for her), I never stopping smiling.

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