New Fringe Trailer Offers a Peek at Season 3 Storyline

Beware Fringe spoiler-phobes, this article contains some info on at least one Fringe Season 3 Storyline! In the latest preview for Fringe's highly anticipated third season fans get a hint of what is to come for Olivia Dunham, and it is admittedly not what I would have expected.

Looks like Olivia is going to make it out of Walternates darkened cell, but the world outside will think her stories of an alternate universe are pure bunk. It seems she may also wind up in an in-patient program, if you get what I mean. (A bit of the Walter experience for Olivia?) Among the characters telling Olivia her story of Fringe-division and universe hopping is nutso is her own alterna-mom.

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