How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Jenkins" Season 5, Episode 13

Neil Patrick Harris makes his directing debut with this week's episode. Hey, it's something to get us through while we bemoan the fact that he was snubbed again at the Golden Globes. Sigh. There's trouble between Marshall and Lily as he finds himself attracted to a comely new lawyer at GNB. Meanwhile, Robin is thrilled (and more than a little smug) when she finds out that most of the students in Ted's class actually watch her morning news show. Of course, things aren't quite what they seem...

The Ted and Robin Story

Marshall and Ted hit up a college bar because Marshall needs to defend his reign as skeeball champ, a title he's held since college (under the moniker "Big Fudge"). Ted's less than thrilled about going to a college bar because he doesn't want to run into his students.

Robin joins them and notices that a geeky-looking college kid is staring at her. She's flattered because she figures he recognizes her from TV. Ted bursts her bubble by telling her that the kid is in his architecture class and is actually looking at Ted. He also points out that no one actually watches her show, which is sort of a crappy and totally unsupportive thing to say to your friend, Ted.

But much to Ted's dismay, the student approaches their table and says, "You're Robin Scherbatsky, right?" Apparently he watches her show all the time รข€” and meanwhile, he can barely remember what class Ted teaches.

Not one to let Ted go unhumiliated, Robin drops by his classroom the next day under the pretense of giving Ted a pen. She waves at the student from the bar and not-so-casually announces that she's the anchor for the morning news show. A female student pipes up that she watches the show all the time. Robin asks if anyone else is a fan. All the hands in the class shoot up as Ted ushers Robin out the door.

Ted is shocked that his students watch Robin's show - after all, he's Robin's roommate and ex-boyfriend and good friend and he still can't be bothered to watch it. His students tell him that there's actually a drinking game involved: They take a shot every time Robin says, "But, um..." during an interview. Ted decides to try it that night with Barney. Sure enough, Robin begins nearly every question with "But, um..." saying it so often that Barney and Ted manage to drink their way through an entire bottle of Grey Goose.

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