Recap: "Glass Houses"

Last season, Sarah and Saul lost control of Ojai, Justin fell for his (believed) half sister only to find that she actually didn't share any blood relation, Kitty couldn't get pregnant and Robert's bid for the White House fell short and Kevin and Scotty got married. Oh, and of course there's that little issue of the real illegitimate child of William Walker running around somewhere. Where would we pick up with each of these issues? Let's find out.

Hi, guys! My name is Adam Bryant, and I will be recapping each episode of Brothers & Sisters this season. I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts as well. So enough, chit chat - let's get down to business.

The episode starts with a narration from Sarah, reading from the recommendation letter she "wrote" for Kitty and Robert to the adoption agency. In it, she paints a perfect picture of the crazy Walker clan, which to anyone who's seen more than two seconds of the show knows couldn't bee further from the truth. (Don't get me wrong, I love these characters. But Kitty was right to sense a little bit of "laying it on thick.) As it turns out, Nora was the author of the letter because Sarah has been so tied up with the merger and her secret investigation of the mysterious Walker lovechild. Of course that hyperbole belonged to Nora!

The merger is definitely causing its share of headaches, none greater than Holly, who ascended to the title of CEO just before it was revealed she had no connection to William Walker beyond the bed they shared. Even so, the dotted line was signed, and she (and apparently her new crony Tommy) were on a mission to cut costs across the board to lessen the strain of the $20 million loan it took to save the company. What does that mean exactly? Tommy decided to cut Kevin loose, since his law firm's billable hours were sucking up a Ojai's cash flow.

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