Recap: "Book Burning"

How do you follow up last episode colossal Walker throwdown? By having an even bigger throwdown in front of the social worker who is evaluating a family dinner to see if the crazy clan seems like a good environment for a future adopted child, naturally! All that and more is ahead in this recap, including Justin and Rebecca's awkward sex life, more on the newest illegitimate Walker child and, of course, Holly being evil as always.

The episode opened with Justin and Rebecca getting hot and heavy on the couch, but when Holly calls her estranged daughter for the fourth time, Justin decides to bolt. His decision, however, is motivated out of his own anxiety about nearing the "bow-chicka-wow-wow" time with Rebecca, and he turns to Sarah for advice. He makes it clear that he needs no brotherly sex tips, since his bedroom has been a "revolving door since puberty," but that what he seeks is relationship advice. It's obvious he cares about Rebecca more than most of his flings, so Sarah advises he simply takes it slow.

Meanwhile, Kitty is baby-proofing every corner of the house in preparation for the social worker's visit. Robert informs her that someone on his staff is shopping a "tell-all" book about the campaign, and asks her to get to the bottom of it. She, in turn, reminds him that everyone in the family is coming to dinner, leaving Robert to hope that it's not "another scene like at the beach." Which, of course, means it will definitely be like another scene at the beach. One other problem: That book that Kitty is supposed to be sniffing out? She wrote it.

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