Recap: "Tug of War"

For a show that has relied heavily on huge Walker wars so far this season, it seems a little odd that an episode titled "Tug of War" would be the least explosive of the three aired thus far. But a tug of war is often a painful, grueling battle, similar to the battles of many of the characters in this episode. Justin deals with having to face his time in Iraq head-on no matter how much he may wish not to, Kevin battles to find a balance between achieving his goal of becoming partner and being true to himself and his husband, Sarah and Saul both search themselves and battle their own feelings while also battling Holly and Tommy's plans for Ojai, and Robert battles bees. OK, so maybe all of this episode's battles weren't symbolic.

Before we go further, let me first apologize for posting this recap so late. I had some DVR malfunctions, so I had to wait to watch the episode online. If you wish, you can all gang up on me in a true Walker shouting match, as long as we make up in time for the credits to roll. Again, I'm sorry, and the recap won't be tardy again. Since it is late, however, I will be succinct.

Tommy and Holly continued their reign of terror at Walker Landing/Ojai Foods in an effort to cut spending and increase revenue. The latest plan involves losing the Ojai name and rebranding everything with the Walker Landing label and charge more, since that brand targets a different market. Sarah and Saul are outraged by the way Tommy and Holly want to cast aside the "family name" (even though it is Walker Landing) and the history of the company. Furthermore, Walker Landing wants to take 500 acres of Ojai's land and expand the winery. At this point, Saul has had enough, and decides to resign and head to retirement, claiming "the company's changing and I'm too old to change with it." Sarah protests, again blaming for Saul for creating this mess and now leaving her holding the bag. But Nora defends Saul and tells Sarah if she feels so strongly, she should speak up (with Nora's support) at the board meeting or stop martyring herself and quit as well.

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