The Pacific: "Part Six" Review

We're in the second half of The Pacific now, and it's been a varied journey so far. This stage of the series promises to spend a lot more time on the battlefields, and this episode brought out a number of often overlooked aspects of this war, including poisoned water sources, questionable battle tactics, and the drastic steps that are sometimes necessary for survival.

This story opens with a soft touch, as Sidney makes a surprise visit to the Sledge household to give Eugene's parents some good tidings. He sugarcoats the situation, and that's understandable. A quick cut back to Peleliu shows Eugene's situation is actually getting even worse. Japanese artillery fire and 115 degree heat are compounded by a lack of drinking water, and there's more hard fighting to be done.

The marines cross the Peleliu airfield in a rush against well defended Japanese positions and the results aren't ideal. The marines pretty much get torn to shreds, and it's kind of a reversal of fortune as the U.S. Forces essentially employ methods similar to those the Japanese military had used in previous battles. In the end, the Marines fare better than the Japanese did, but there's no doubt they can't maintain this kind of warfare for long. Just as in Part Five, we're seeing exactly why the casualty numbers for the Peleliu engagement were so high.

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