Spartacus: Blood and Sand - "Kill Them All" Review Episode 13

If I were to sum up "Kill Them All" in one word, it would have to be - Satisfying. We leave the treacherous confines of Batiatus' Ludus behind with the knowledge that the evils we have seen throughout the season have been avenged. In brilliant fashion, Spartacus and the slaves of Batiatus win their freedom through bloodshed and they honor those who have died due to the deceitfulness of their Dominus and Domina.

There was some great storytelling that went into the lead up for the Crixus versus Spartacus match. Since the episode opened with that match, I had assumed that the two were already working together; that was not the case however. Through flashbacks to the two days prior, the story establishes a reason for Crixus to actually want to defeat Spartacus in their match. With Doctore elevated in rank, Crixus would have Naevia returned to him. This drove Crixus' fight for victory against Spartacus and made their match together all the more exciting. These two men were really out to kill each other with everything hanging in the balance. I couldn't think of more fitting conditions for their final match to take place under.

I really appreciated the fact that both Crixus and Spartacus went into this match with an understanding that whoever lives will honor the wishes of the fallen. It's good seeing these two men, who have spewed so much hate towards each other over the course of the season, finally act as brothers. This brought a sense of intimacy to their final battle against one another.

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Apr 19, 2010 3:42PM EDT

This is the best show ever!! I cannot believe that not many peopl have been watching. This should have been on HBO or Showtime. Incredible story, great suspense and like all the twist. Bravo to directors, writers and especially to all stars and co-stars. If you want a love story, drama, action, historic, semi-porn and plot twist..this is a must see!

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