'Saturday Night Live' recap: Jude Law: To be or not to be funny?

It was a mostly a game of 'Remember This Sketch?' this week on Saturday Night Live.

Law made the most of his Broadway run in Hamlet. His opening monologue consisted of a tedious summary of the play. But a later sketch was better: He was made to audition for the role, with competing actors including Bill Hader's fine Al Pacino, Bobby Moynihan's Nathan Lane, and - best of all - Jason Sudeikis as a gnomically wise Sam Elliott.

Because the show acts as though its audience wouldn't be familiar with any current event except perhaps who got kicked off American Idol this week, the cold-open featured a voiceover summary of the Eric Massa scandal, and then followed it with an exceedingly unfunny 'exit interview' with Massa (Bobby Moynihan) conducted by Kristen Wiig. The recurring punchline here was that gay sex is inherently hilarious.

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