'True Blood' recap: Conscience Off, Fangs On Season 3, Episode 1

It's easy to focus on the visuals, what with all the blood, boobs, biceps, and butts in a typical episode of True Blood. But the season 3 premiere had such a quippy script that I found myself rewinding to note the writer's name. Let's give a hand to co-executive producer Brian Buckner for making the wait worthwhile. He set the tone perfectly with a frantic Sookie running out of the French restaurant from which Bill had just been kidnapped and asking the trailing hostess if she saw anyone or anything. For the love of God! F---ing vampires! It's always nothing but s---..., the subtitled response said. But you can read more into it: This is crazy, but we're all in on the joke, so just sit back and enjoy it.

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