Caprica: Preview of the Pilot

1.5 million may have seen the Caprica pilot, but that doesn't mean no one will tune in tonight to see how the evil Cylons have started. If anything, the positive reviews should convince both Battlestar Galactica fans and non-fans to give one a try.

Like those who have seen the prequel's pilot via DVD or online, I've seen the pilot, and it's nothing short of compelling. As we all know, when Caprica kicks off, the Twelve Colonies are still at peace, 58 years before the reimagined series. And that's the thing with prequels: you know where it's going, but that doesn't make things less exciting.

We'd be introduced to Joseph Adama (Esai Morales), a lawyer with ties to the underworld thanks to brother Sam (Sasha Roiz) and wealthy technologist Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz). The two are brought together because of a tragedy that takes away their daughters (something fueled by religious fanaticism). Grief stricken, Daniel sets out to bring her back, thanks to his wealth and the available technology.

"Only gods have power over death. I reject that notion," he says at one point, when someone tries to engage him over the unnatural nature of the venture that they're doing.

Joseph Adama, by the way, is the father of William Adama, the eventual commander of the great military vessel Battlestar Galactica, commander of the refugee fleet and military commander of the evacuees of the Twelve Colonies.

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