'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean Go Nuts Season 5, Episode 11

THEN: Supernatural has been off the air forever, so let's catch up: Lucifer is raising Horsemen to bring the Apocalypse, Sam, Dean and Cas are trying to stop him, and the Harvelle women were blown up. Let's see if any of that hope can be un-abandoned.

NOW: To save some money, this entire episode of Supernatural is set inside a nut house. Sam and Dean check themselves in when an old Hunter buddy lets them know a bunch of psych patients have been killed by a monster.

How do Sam and Dean get in? By telling the truth, of course. All the doctor needs to hear is Apocalypse, drinking blood and angel in a trench coat and he locks them up. I guess this show really is crazy if you think about it.

The in-patient procedure involves a rather invasive move in which the nurse tells Sam to drop his pants before slapping on a rubber glove. Come on, Supernatural writers, can't you make the slash writers work a little bit harder for material?

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