Lost Episode Season 6, Episode 1 Recap: "LA X (Part I)"

What's old is new again: Tuesday's episode of Lost answered several questions, but it also raised several others. We learned what happened when Juliet bashed Jughead with such purpose, who's still alive, who died and who - spoiler alert! - rose from the dead. We finally got confirmation on those rumors that Season 6 would show us what happened if Oceanic 815 landed safely in Los Angeles. We even got to see a glimpse of the long-missing Claire. But we also met some new characters, whose roles in the big picture are intriguing, but are, naturally, as yet unclear. It's a heady brew, as usual, and I'm already half in the bag.

Namaste, y'all! Can you believe we're finally here - on the verge of the beginning of the end? Mickey O'Connor here, ready to plunge back into the crazy hot tub called Lost (clothing optional!) - won't you join me? The water's warm!


That ominous fade to white from the Season 5 finale manifests as puffy, white clouds outside Jack's airplane window. He's back on Oceanic 815, where Cindy the stewardess gives him another nip for his not-so-strong drink. He chats with Rose, his seat neighbor, about the sudden turbulence they experience. Just as quickly it subsides. "You can let go now," Rose says significantly.

Bernard returns from the lavatory just as Jack gets up to drain the snake himself. In the lav mirror, he looks at himself, and he looks weathered. Does he look older in the mirror or am I just being paranoid? Never mind - he has a weird cut on his neck, and it's freshly bleeding.

When Jack returns to his seat, Desmond is there, sitting in the aisle seat. Jack appears to recognize him, and the two men shake hands. Just then the camera zooms out the window and underwater, where it brushes by a school of fish to its destination, the four-toed statue. Aw, fantastic, so now I have to Google "Atlantis"? Thanks, Darlton!

Jack bumps into a handcuffed Kate at the lav, Sawyer bumps into the marshal, Arzt asks Hurley to "do" the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack tagline in an Australian accent. This montage serves to inform us that some people are changed. Hurley tells us he's the luckiest guy alive. Boone(!) is there chatting with Locke (Frogurt is sleeping between them) about how he went to Sydney to rescue his sister from a bad relationship, but she didn't want to get out of it. (Also: Maggie Grace asked for a lot of money to return.) Locke says he went on that walkabout - is he still paralyzed?

But some things haven't changed. Sun and Jin are still somewhat tense. When Sun moons over happy couple Bernard and Rose, Jin's only curt response is that she should button her sweater. Charlie is still a heroin addict, as we see when he's found not breathing in the lav. Jack and Sayid attempt to revive him, which Jack does by removing a baggie of heroin from his throat. He's cuffed and escorted to the back of the plane. When Jack returns to his seat, Desmond is gone (where did he go, or rather when did he go?), and 815 starts its initial descent into LAX. Police escort Charlie off the plane, and Locke sits quietly, waiting for the flight attendants to help him into his... wheelchair. Aha!

I'm told by a much savvier Lost-phile that much of the dialogue among the Lostaways in these scenes is recycled from previous seasons. Jin telling Sun to button up is the foremost example, but can you identify the others? In many cases, the lines are spoken by and to the same people, but some aren't, which, in my mind, is a nice little hint about where this season is going. Things are familiar, but a little off; what happened, happened; etc.

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