Futurama: "Lethal Inspection" Review Season 6, Episode 6

I wasn't sure I was enjoying "Lethal Inspection" when the second act started. The war reenactment that started the episode was fun, but then attention turned to Bender and his fatal defect. I was wary. Having Bender realize he's not as immortal as he thought he was could have taken any number of paths, and I was cringing at the thought of the writers going against character with some sort of born again angle. Thankfully, this wasn't the outcome. Instead, Bender stayed Bender and sought revenge on the inspector that gave him his initial approval. And the fact that he was teamed up with Hermes throughout made it even better.

The Sith Invasion reenactment that started the episode had a few good moments, with Professor Farnsworth's "I don't think I'll survive this war reenactment" being one of my favorites. Darth Sploder's dying words-- "Tell my motherĂ¢€Â¦ to pick me up outside Quiznos"-- also brought a chuckle. Ending the battle with both sides giving high-fives repeating, "Good war. Good war," was also a highlight. Still, the battle reenactment was only okay. It served a purpose to get the ball rolling, but never got much better than just being the springboard it was meant to be for the rest of the story.

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