Episode 12 Recap: "Head Case"

On this episode of CSI: Miami, a family is murdered and the CSIs seek to determine whether the guy who claims to have had amnesia did in fact commit the crimes. Behind the scenes, Eric and Calleigh have a moment and try to determine what's really going on between them.

A guy is staggering down the middle of a busy road covered in blood. Cars swerve to miss him and a policeman eventually pulls him off the road. The CSIs flock to the scene and the guy claims not to know his name. However, his tox screen is negative and there are no matching prints or DNA in APHUS. The blood on him was fresh but they couldn't find any crime scenes in the vicinity. But then they discover he has the blood of three people on him - a father, mother and daughter that are not related to him.

They trace the blood to the Crawford family and get to their family home to find a guy there using their pool to impress a girl. He says when he arrived in the morning to drop off some legal documents the family was pulling away in a car. Mitch Crawford was a financial advisor who'd taken his clients money and many were suing him. Meanwhile, Eric tries to coax the memories from the guy with amnesia who then remembers hearing school children on a bus.

Based on that memory, they track down the scene of the Crawford murders and find evidence that might tie Doug Benson, amnesia guy, to the crimes. Eric and Calleigh take Doug to a memory loss specialist, but images of the murders don't jog anything at first. However, he then remembers part of the murder, specifically seeing the knife in Mitch's chest and pulling it out. A background check revealed he had a father that was murdered with a knife, as well. He was a child and he also suffered amnesia at that time, so they don't know which murder he was remembering. Not believing the story, Wolfe takes to the lab to prove that Benson committed the murders and was lucid when he did it.

Horatio approaches a Mr. Sapin at his club who apparently had it out a few days prior with Mitch Crawford over his money that he had lost. Back in the jail, Doug confesses to another detainee that he killed three people and Calleigh hears it, but Doug claims he just said it to get the guy off his back and everyone thinks he did it anyway. Wolfe finds out that the boot print he found at the murder scene could have been military, but most likely would have been 6 feet tall, which didn't match Doug's description. The Crawford's son Logan, who was at military school, admits to having had snuck home to see his dad and to have seen Doug killing his family. He also mentioned the killer was wearing a red hat. Upon questioning, Doug says he'll do the time if he did the murder, but didn't want to remember it if that were the case.

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