Lost Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: "LA X (Part II)"


While the gang heads off to The Temple to heal Sayid, Sawyer and Miles stay behind to bury Juliet. Best Girl Scout Ever Kate says she'll leave a trail so they can catch up with them. "I ain't followin' nobody, Kate," Sawyer growls.

Once they're alone, Sawyer tells Miles he wants him to communicate with Juliet to find out what she was going to say before she died. Yes, please! We'd all really like to know. Though Miles offers half-hearted protests, he actually does uncover this cryptic nugget: "'It worked.' That's what she wanted to tell you." Now we know what she means, but how long before our island-hopping friends figure it out?


Jack, Kate, Jin and Hurley take Sayid to The Temple, via the underground passage that Jin hasn't seen since he watched Smokey kill certain members of the Rousseau party there. Once underground, it's like we're re-enacting Goonies, but with a much hotter cast. (No offense, Martha Plimpton; you're awesome!) Kate and Jack stumble around in the darkness hearing voices, and in short order they're captured by a bunch of Bedouins/pirates/filthy wretches who must be The Hostiles. Right?

They take them to The Temple, where a huge band of filthy pirates greet them, including a shaggy Cindy gone native(!), who recognizes them from the plane. Another dirty hippie, who IMDb tells me is named, appropriately, Lennon, translates for their as-yet-unnamed Japanese leader (The Last Samurai's Hiroyuki Sanada). Lennon is played by an actor named John Hawkes, who you might recognize from Deadwood or The Perfect Storm, but who I know from a crazy little arthouse film called Me and You and Everyone We Know. Netflix it - it's a trip.

"Jacob sent us," Hurley tells them, but things are tense, as the Samurai twice instructs his men to shoot them. Hurley talks them down by giving them the guitar case, which does not contain Charlie's guitar but a giant ankh. Samurai breaks the ankh in half to reveal a tiny scroll inside. He asks everyone their names, and Mouseketeer roll call seems to assuage the irritable leader, and he invites them inside. "The paper says if your friend dies, we're all in a lot of trouble," Lennon reports. Now, wait a minute! Jacob gave Hurley that guitar case before he boarded Ajira 316 - when did he put that message in there? And are the other Lostaways' names on there too?

Inside, the Hostiles take them to a pool of water, and my Lost memory banks start ticking with memories of how Richard saved little Ben, and how Richard said he would be changed if they went through with it. This is accurate because Lennon reports that there are risks in trying to save Sayid this way, but Jack tells them to do what they have to do.

"The water isn't clear; what happened?" asks Lennon, but Samurai cuts his hand in an effort to demonstrate that even though the sacred-pool man took the day off, the scummy water still has the power to heal. So in Sayid goes, as Samurai turns over an hourglass. As the sand falls, Samurai's men hold Sayid underwater as he thrashes around. He appears to be drowning, and sure enough, Sayid eventually goes limp. Once the sand filters out completely, they take him out of the water and report that he's dead. Jack, ever the savior, starts CPR on his friend, but then Kate tells him to stop. Sayid is gone.

Cindy stops by to offer them food, and she's significantly accompanied by two children, Zach and Emma, who, if memory serves, were Tailies taken by the Others, like Cindy.

Before long, the Hostiles drag in an unconscious Sawyer and Miles, who reports that Sawyer took out four of their men before they hit him with a rock.

Lennon takes Hurley to the Samurai, who wants to know what Jacob told him. He tells them, and susses out that the Samurai understands English. "I don't like the taste of English on my tongue," he hisses. Oh, also, Hurley says, by the by, your revered leader is dead. With that, the Samurai sounds the alarm and his people start preparing for a battle of some sort. They're ringing bells and lighting fireworks and pouring ash around The Temple's perimeter. "This isn't to keep you in; it's to keep him out," Lennon says.

"Goodbye, dude. If you ever want to talk, I'm around," Hurley says to a dead Sayid. Aw. At the same moment, Miles has his talking-to-dead-people face on, but doesn't reveal anything pertinent.

Meanwhile, Kate nurses Sawyer back to consciousness, and he tells her that he isn't going to kill Jack. "He deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of us," he says.

The Hostiles want to speak to Jack privately. He resists, and a struggle ensues. It's interrupted by the shocking sight of Sayid, alive, who sits up and says: "What happened?" Indeed!

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