Kerr Smith on 'Life Unexpected': Ryan is the 'Smart Choice'

It's shaping up to be a "classic" love triangle on Life Unexpected, as Cate (Shiri Appleby) comes in the middle of Guy with History - Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) and Guy from Present - Ryan (Kerr Smith). Add a daughter to the mix and you get a crazy scenario. As for Smith, he knows that for Cate, Ryan is the "smart choice," something that doesn't bode well for his character because as we all know, the girl always goes to the non-smart choice.

"Ryan's who she should be with," Smith insisted anyway to Starpulse. "He's the guy who's got it together with the career, and you know, he's the family man ... He's a truthful guy; he's an honest guy; and he's a committed guy, and I think you kind of have to be that to be in a relationship with Cate Cassidy."

He adds, in an obvious barb to Baze: "Ryan's the kind of guy that's capable of putting up with a lot of crap before he tries to run."

In fact, right off the bat, Cate and Ryan showed they can be a pretty stable couple, after breaking up and getting back together in the pilot episode alone. Ryan, of course, has no idea that an inebriated Cate slept with Baze (twice) in between.

Nevertheless, Smith calls it a "classic triangle" since it's very possible that Baze is Cate's soul mate. "This one's got just all kinds of screwed up."

Polaha, for his part, assures Life Unexpected fans that there'll be a constant "ebb and flow" of rooting for the two guys.

"In one episode, you'll be like 'Go Ryan!' and in the next, you will say 'Go Baze!' Ryan's the good guy, and Baze is the fixer-upper, so women are going to get their camps, I think. There will be the Baze camp, and there will be the Ryan camp, and that's what makes interesting television."

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