Community: "Physical Education" Review Episode 17

There's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief that comes with watching Community, namely, how the accrediting board hasn't shut down Greendale Community College based on its choice of mascots alone. So it wasn't a surprise when we learned the school offered "Billiards" as a P.E. course and that Jeff Winger was more than happy to sign up. What was a revelation was his fierce love of pool and the lengths he would go to prove a point. We also learned a lot more about Abed and his success with women, something that seems unbelievable on the surface but works perfectly in the context of this silly show. Once again, they banged out another solid episode with yet another uproarious finale that showed this series is not afraid to take chances.

I feel Community turned a corner once they simplified their stories and concentrated on having two main plotlines per episode instance instead of three. This allowed the episodes to unfold at a less-frantic pace with supporting characters chiming in like a Greek chorus. In this instance, we had Jeff (who should be the lead story in every episode), facing off against the Billiards coach over having to wear shorts as part of the required class uniform. In Abed's story, he was trying to woo a co-ed while getting pointers from the rest of the cast.

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